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Bohnensorte: Stangenbohne (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Farbanzahl: einfarbig
Grundfarbe: dunkelbraun-grau
weitere Farbe:
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Andere Namen: keine bisher bekannt

Herkunft: Kentucky, USA

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From Seed Savers Exchange:
"Pole bean. Green stems and leaves. White flowers. Pods green when flat, yellow at shelling stage, leathery-podded when dry. Pods are pear shaped in cross section, slightly curved, with small, downward curving beaks. Pronounced constriction between seeds. Mature pods 4-5.5" long, 0.5" wide. 4-7 seeds per pod. Seeds brown-gray with an orange-tan eye ring. Mid-season maturity when grown in 2013 at Heritage Farm. Sweet flavor, crisp and tender as a snap bean. Tastes good as snap bean even when fully expanded, though it develops a strong suture string. Snap beans harvest very easily off the vine--barely have to pull on them and they fall off. As a shelling bean, moderately easy to shell; meaty, good flavor, slightly sweet. Dry beans have an excellent sweet, smoky flavor and smooth, dense texture. Thin skin. Acquired by SSE from Bruce Van Order (NY VA B) who obtained the bean in 2005 from Julie Maruskin (KY MA J). Maruskin received the bean circa 2004 from Dr. Nathan Moore, a local physician whose family has grown the bean since before 1900. It was passed down from Dr. Moore's parents, Nathan and Frances Moore, and before that from Frances' parents, Ben and Audrey Banks of Adair County, KY. SSE Accession # 105565."

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