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Bohnensorte: Stangenbohne (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Farbanzahl: einfarbig
Grundfarbe: weiß
weitere Farbe:
Korngröße (getrocknet im Durchschnitt):

Andere Namen: keine bisher bekannt

Herkunft: USA

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From Seed Savers Exchange:
"Donated to SSE in 2015 by Jim Price and his mother, Thelma Price, of Tennessee. This pole bean has been in Jim's family for 12 generations and was brought to the United States by Peter Lemay, a French Huguenot, in the early 1700s. Growing up, Jim remembered his grandmother Gertrude May Denny LeMay serving canned or fresh beans at nearly every holiday or celebration meal. Gertrude likely started growing the variety when she married Charles LeMay in 1905 in Illinois. The variety was grown by several of Gertrude and Charles' 10 children, but as they had more disposable income, gardening and canning became less of a necessity. While the variety has been in the LeMay family for centuries, it was almost lost with Jim's mother's generation. The last time Jim's uncle Charles "Pete" Evans LeMay grew the bean, he put a pound of seeds in the freezer, where they remained until several years after his death. Pete's children found the 20 year old seeds in his freezer and gave the seeds to Jim, which he passed on to 3 young farmers in Nashville. 2 years later, Jim received 1.5 pounds of seeds to pass out at the LeMay family reunion. In 2015, Jim grew this variety with his 96 year old mother and said, "Today our lives are pulled in a hundred directions and with the abundance of food sources other than personal gardens, we’re less likely to be good stewards as our forefathers were. Hopefully it won’t be our generation to lose this gene line completely. That’s where you at Seed Savers play such an important role.” SSE Accession # 132869."

saritabee - 28.01.2018, 01:41
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