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Bohnensorte: Buschbohne (Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus)
Farbanzahl: zweifarbig
Grundfarbe: weiß
weitere Farbe: weinrot
Korngröße (getrocknet im Durchschnitt):

Andere Namen: keine bisher bekannt

Herkunft: Kentucky, USA

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From Victory Seeds:
"100 days — Similar in appearance to the New England heirloom 'Soldier' bean. The plants reach eighteen to twenty four inches in height, are sturdy and erect, and do a good job keeping the four inch pods off of the ground. We do see a small percentage of short runners occurring but it is minimal and the plants do not require support.
This Southern classic was sent to us by Melody Rose of Kentucky. Once quite common in the area, the local farm cooperative lost the last of their growers in about 2000. Melody wrote:
"My beans came from Mr. Harold Wayne Moss of Murray, Kentucky. He and his friend Jimmy Outland have been growing these beans for years (they share a garden on Harold Wayne's farm). They like the beans so much because they cook up so quickly. They don't even bother to soak them overnight. You can talk to many older folks in this area and all fondly recall 'Tobacco Patch' beans. Our local Feed 'n Seed which is a Southern States store, even sells them if they can get a local grower to share seeds. Some years they aren't available and when they are, they sell out long before there's even a chance of planting (if you don't get them by March, you don't get them).""

saritabee - 28.01.2018, 02:50
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