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Bohnensorte: Stangenbohne (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Farbanzahl: einfarbig
Grundfarbe: beige-braun
weitere Farbe: dunkelbraun-grau
Musterung: gesprenkelt
Korngröße (getrocknet im Durchschnitt):

Andere Namen: keine bisher bekannt

Herkunft: Pennsylvania, USA

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From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:
"This Native American corn hill bean is probably one of the most culturally important heirloom beans from Pennsylvania. Dr. Weaver’s grandfather obtained seeds from the Quaker Webb family of Northbrook, Chester County, Pennsylvania, at the time owners of the land on which Indian Hannah once lived. Indian Hannah or Hannah Freeman (1730-1802) as she preferred to be called was the last of the Unami Lenape to remain in the area and while encamped on an ancestral site at Northbrook, she attempted to preserve some of the foods and foodways of her people. The Webbs continued to grow Hannah’s bean which is unique for its 7 to 8 inch pods, 9 to 10 beans per pod, mainly because it can be used as a tender snap bean, a fatty and rich shelling bean, or as a meaty dry bean. In short, this bean answered all the immediate kitchen demands of a Pennsylvania farmhouse and thus has come down to us untouched by commercial tinkering. There are a number of beans being sold online as Indian Hannah. The bean we are offering here is the true original, so study our photo carefully before you purchase Indian Hannah from any other website. Allow 95 days from planting to dry bean harvest."

saritabee - 26.02.2018, 03:40
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