Moldovanesti Buffalo Drucken Kommentare


Bohnensorte: Feuerbohne/Prunkbohne (Phaesolus coccineus)
Farbanzahl: einfarbig
Grundfarbe: weiß
weitere Farbe:
Korngröße (getrocknet im Durchschnitt):

Andere Namen: keine bisher bekannt

Herkunft: Romania

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From Adaptive Seeds:
"Extremely productive and easy to hand harvest, these 8′ tall plants produce tons of delicious large white beans. White flowers are edible, and beans are edible when young as large green beans or when mature as dry beans, but we think they are best as fresh shelling beans. White runner beans go by many names throughout the world and are an unsung delicacy, deserving a wider audience. Referred to as Butter Beans in England and sometimes Potato Beans in the United states. “Buffalo Bean” is a common name for white runner beans in Romania, where white water buffaloes are still used as draft animals. We saw many water buffaloes during our visit there and Transylvania is known for having some of the northernmost water buffaloes. We collected this variety in February of 2008 while visiting the village of Moldovanesti, in Transylvania, Romania. During this Seed Ambassadors trip we discussed seed saving and biodiversity with many traditional farmers, and were blown away by the beauty of the region and the quality of the old varieties still produced by subsistence growers there."

saritabee - 26.02.2018, 04:31
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