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Bohnensorte: Buschbohne (Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus)
Farbanzahl: einfarbig
Grundfarbe: weinrot
weitere Farbe:
Musterung: einfarbig
Korngröße (getrocknet im Durchschnitt):

Andere Namen: keine bisher bekannt


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From USDA GRIN (PI 633423):
"[...]An erect plant with both a strong main stem and basal branches. This feature gives excellent lodging resistance. Yield average 2,708 kg-ha-1 over 18 test sites in Michigan from 1998-2002 and 3,942 kg-ha-1 at Othello, WA in 2002. Dry seed characteristics meet the requirements of commerce. Individual seed colored an attractive garnet with an intense red saturation and a noticeable black hilum ring. Seeds oval, 12.0 x 8.0 mm in length and width, respectively, plump at the surface tangental to the hilum and gently rounded at the apices. Flowers white, averages 470 mm in height at physiological maturity, blooms about 45 days after planting and matures between 87 to 100 days. Has the bc-1(2) gene for resistance to bean common mosaic virus and the Ur-3 gene for resistance to Race 53 of bean rust disease (Uromyces appendiulatus). Is the only small-red commercial cv. resistant to bean rust disease.[...]"

saritabee - 05.03.2018, 18:10
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